New Intermediate Rendering

Within the many discussions during our publicly held facilities improvement committee meetings, this location on Spirit Trail was selected by the committee and recommended to the DISD Board as the site of the new Intermediate Campus. 

There were several community members that were concerned that this could possibly cause traffic issues on Spirit Trail. We shared these concerns with Corgan's Architectural Team and included the Dalhart PD and The Hartley County Sheriff's Department in creating the best possible way to prevent traffic issues. As you can see in the build design attached this was the best possible solution to these concerns. We are aware that no plan will be perfect but we certainly believe this is a much better situation than we currently have on Oak Street. 

Corgan created both a bus drop-off lane and a parent drop-off lane. The parent drop-off lane is 1790'-0 linear feet, which is the length of 88 vehicles. 

The committee also requested more parking spaces than we currently have at the Intermediate Campus. As you can see Corgan has included 139 parking spots at the new site. 

new IS