Golden Wolf Football Off-Season Update

We just finished our 1st phase of off-season. At the end of each phase we will test to see the effectiveness of each phase.  We will truly max out 2-3 times a year, but after every phase we want to see progress, so we will “test” a couple of ways. This does not give us an exact ‘max”, but adds up until our next “Test Week”. We had 30 out of 38 off-season athletes set new “PR’s” after our 1st phase. We are excited about the progress we made and the direction we are headed!

 New PR’s

Ben Turner                                          Sam Romero                          Tripp Trimble

Yiovani Orrantia                              Steven Cordova                   Rily Hyer

David Castro                                     Chris Fehr                                 Alejandro Flores

Thadeus Blanco                              Lane Hoppe                           Jaylan Miller

Drew Fisher                                        Kolton Monroe                      Jerze Puga

Ethan Davila                                        Kayden Larson                    Rigoberto Montes

Fabio Perez                                         Erik Lujan                                 Uriel Perez

Juan Lopez                                          Ben Meyer                              Victor Perez

Alex Penton                                        Jovani Garcia                         Gerardo Gonzalez