Important Information

Hello, 2023!

Things are about to get crazy here at DHS and in the DHS Counseling Center. Just wanted to give you some updates and info.  

SENIORS:  It's SCHOLARSHIP TIME! Time to start preparing for all things college and graduation related.

1. FAFSA- If you have not completed it needs to be done ASAP. This is a STATE  REQUIREMENT to be completed in order to be able to graduate High School.

2. SCHOLARSHIPS- You can find our local and online scholarships on the new website in the Counseling Center. If you are going to be applying for scholarships please make sure to have your personal data sheet filled out and give it to those you are requesting a recommendation letter from at least a week or 2 in advance to when you need the recommendation letter.

4. TRANSCRIPTS- If you need a transcript for scholarships please go to the link in the Counseling Center page and fill out the google form.

3. JOSTENS- If you have NOT ordered your cap and gown please get with Jostens ASAP and get that done.

4. COLLEGE & TRADE SCHOOL APPLICATIONS- If you are planning on going to a trade school or a college/university, please apply on the college/trade school website or go to APPLY TEXAS.  


1. ACT-  Start thinking about taking at least one ACT.

2. PROM- Stay tuned for updates on meetings and signup sheets for helping with the 2023 prom.


1. DUAL CREDIT- Next year, you will be able to take dual credit courses. If this is something you are interested in, you must pass your TSI exams.

 If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at the DHS Counseling Center.