The DIS Music Program received the Eta Epsilon Teacher Scholarship, which funded an online subscription to a music resource called Freddie the Frog. It includes lifetime access to six video books, PDF slide books, and the Freddie Basics Crash Course. Plus, one-year access to Freddie The Frog® Online Review includes stories, flashcards, games, lesson plans, and watch & teaching videos to help students retain their knowledge.  

The program includes six (6) online books with Freddie Frog as the main character. Freddie tells stories and invites students on a fun musical adventure that helps them learn music and retain information. Students learn essential elements of music through the experience, which enhances reading and identifying treble and bass clef notes, singing, and rhythms: all found in the online Lily Pad. Students learn to identify different styles of music, such as salsa and jazz. 

Students at DIS enjoy hearing Freddie’s stories and adventures and using the resources and games. 

Thank you, Eta Epsilon, for all your support!