welding certifications 2
It’s a wonderful day in the welding shop! A wonderful day for welding! 

These gentlemen all pulled certifications!

Thadeus Blanco: Second certification -AWS D9.1 3F(vertical) up.

Zeek Van Beek: first certification - AWS D9.1 2F(horizontal). This also grants him his AWS D9.1 1F(flat). 

Mitchell Bailey: First certification - AWS D9.1 2F(horizontal). Also grants him the AWS D9.1 1F(flat). 

Ethan Smith: Growing his certifications from last year … Got the AWS D9.1 3F (vertical) up. 

Zaegan Ford: Second certification in two days — AWS D9.1 3F (vertical) up.

If you see these welders out and about,  know that they have worked very hard to get these certifications, and they are accomplishing some big things!